After losing my wedding band in Lake Whitney, I came across Clayton's website and became interested.
    After talking to my wife we decided to go ahead and schedule a search dive for it.              
    Clayton found my ring after moving the search area closer to open water. Both my wife and I are extremely grateful and thankful
    that we decided to choose C-Hunt Underwater Search & Recovery.  
    He is a good guy that knows his business and I would recommend his service to anyone who needs something found.
    Thanks again!
                                                                             D. Perez
    "We used C-Hunt's diving services to seal stop logs from water infiltration at the "DeCordova Bend Dam" in Granbury, Tx.
    The depths Clayton was diving was 60 feet below the surface. He did a great job of stopping the water for us in a timely manner.
    He understands the construction business, so you don't have to explain in great detail what you are trying to accomplish.
    Clayton runs a professional business and we would use him again in the future."

                                                      AUI Contractors
    To whom it may concern,

    In February of 2015 Clayton Hunt and his dive tender were contacted by the J.S. Haren Company to install a baffle in a Clearwell here at
    Lone Chimney Water Association in Glencoe Oklahoma.

    The project in question involved the installation of a 21 foot by 35 foot plastic baffle system, framed in stainless steel angle iron and
    mounted to the floor, ceiling, and wall of a 60 foot by 21 foot treated water concrete Clearwater tank.  All the while, the Clearwell was
    live and in service.

    Though the project was clearly very difficult in its overall scope, Mr. Hunt handled all  aspects of the task with utmost professionalism
    and expertise. Both divers kept themselves and their equipment properly disinfected at all times and bolted the baffle in the exact
    position specified,  despite the difficulty of having to work through an extremely small access hatch and with several pumps running

    We are completely satisfied with Mr. Hunt's work and would gladly give his company a positive reference for any future diving tasks
    that they may undertake.

    P. Kinder, Manager Lone Chimney Water Association   
    "Clayton was amazing! After losing my wedding ring off the dock at Lake Ray Hubbard, he was able to come within thirty minutes
    of our call and found the ring in eight minutes. We are so thankful for his fast response and his ability to recover what seemed a
    nearly impossible feat."

                                    S. Frances