Pump Recovery for Service work
    Irrigation pump intake and well filter cleaning
            and Limited Dredge Operations
    Tool Recovery from casings
    Large items Recovered
    Ship Anchor Recovered Lake Merideth 7/11
42 inch Auger recovered Tampa Florida 8/12.
    Environmental Clean-up
    Environmental clean-up Lake Merideth 6/11
Dive Services
    Vehicle and Boat Recovery
    Truck Recovery Corsicana TX 8/10
Diamond Ring Recovered Plano Tx 4/10
Anti-Vortex Drain
    Pool Drain Changes
    Bridge Inspections with findings report.
     Sleeve placement and surface repairs.
With Pictures
(visibility permitting)
Well screen Before
Lake intake screen before
    Construction Services
    Welding and Burning
    New and Re-habitation of Water Treatment Plants
    Small items Recovered
    Live Closed Circuit Video
    and Camera Operations
    Weapon Recovery
Motivational Speaking Engagements