Underwater Services

    Underwater welding and burning operations
    Video and Camera operations

    Search & Recovery:
    Recovery of items in the Ocean, local lakes, rivers and private area ponds and tanks.
    Structure Leak Detection Services:
    Boat Inspections with findings report and pictures (visibility permitting)

    Lake and Pump Management:  
    Cleaning of business lakes and ponds and filter baskets to prolong pump life.
    Construction Services
    Underwater repairs and services:
    Welding and burning
    Bridge column sleeve placement and surface repair
    Large Aquariums:
    Management of aquariums items and cleaning services

    Surveys and Inspections:  Bottom measurements and features.
    Inspections of objects or areas with findings report and pictures and video. (visibility permitting)
 Underwater Services in all environments World Wide
C-Hunt Underwater Services, Inc.
C co. 2/75 U.S. Army Ranger
C co. 2/75 Army Ranger

    Underwater services conducted in Oceans, lakes and rivers with other dive services.
    Company owned boat services are also available.
    Underwater burning and welding with a wide range of construction abilities including limited dredge operations.
    Recovery of lost items using the latest technology and techniques, and special techniques developed and used only by C-Hunt.
    Items as small as a ring or as large as a vehicle..
    We offer a wide variety of underwater services, and dive year round in all kinds of weather and environments.
    Traveling world wide as well as local recovery. Corporate and Private contracts available.
                                         Please call 214-335-4696 or email us for rates and availability.